Trust your medical transcription to a technology innovator.

  • Since 1982, Silent Type has led the way in transcription innovation.
  • Our dictation technology simplifies the dictation process for physicians.
  • We offer STARS®, a proprietary record delivery, storage and retrieval system, as a complementary benefit for all our clients.


When Silent Type was founded in 1982, electronic medical records were a dream for most organizations, and all transcription companies were using typewriters. In fact, Silent Type was the first documentation company to use computers for transcription and storage.

Silent Type was built on technology, technology that helped make your work faster and your job easier. Our practice of using technology for your benefit continues today.

  • Dictation technology: Silent Type dictation apps for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod® Touch and BlackBerry® allow your doctors to dictate when, how, and where they want. Created with a physician’s workflow in mind, our apps make dictation more compliant.
  • Documentation management technology: Our STARS® documentation management platform makes your recorded dictation and your typed transcription available immediately upon transcription. Through our HL-7 applications we can interface STARS® with your EMR or simply make the documentation available through a secure login for printing, running reports and document assessment.
  • Data archiving technology: Silent Type owns and manages our own secure data center, and we give you the secure access to your archived documentation 24/7/365.

If you have a document management problem, we most likely have the technology to solve your problem. Let us integrate a solution for you.

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