Data Security

Trust your transcription security to a seasoned veteran in documentation management.

  • Silent Type secures your clinical data with industry-standard technology.
  • We store your documentation in our own secure data center.
  • We never ship your data overseas.


Privacy and security are incredibly important in healthcare. Not only is the public concerned about the stability of electronic health records, but the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) imposes stiff penalties on providers who trifle with patients’ privacy.

With increasing regulations and the dangers of identity theft, you can’t afford to leave the security of your patient data to chance.

With Silent Type, your data is always protected. We store it in a secure, thermostatically controlled data center that we own and staff. The data is further secured by the latest back-up and disaster recovery technology. When you access the data through the STARS® system, you do so through a fully encrypted Internet connection.

Data integrity and security are high priority for you, and for your patients. Don’t leave the security of your clinical documentation to chance.

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