Medical Transcription Services

Put your medical transcription services in the hands of a company you can trust.

  • We generate the high quality transcription, with accuracy rates greater than 99%.
  • Our full-time employment package with benefits attracts the best transcriptionists.
  • We give our transcriptionists incentives for meeting high performance standards.


Now more than ever, your organization needs timely, accurate patient records. Healthcare providers are faced with shrinking margins, decreasing payer reimbursement and complex payment rules that can often result in lower payments or even denials if your clinical documentation isn’t complete and accurate.

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of Silent Type’s medical transcription services. We process every transcription within your timeframe—no exceptions. We verify the accuracy of all medical and scientific terminology using our proprietary electronic lexicon. And our continuous quality control programs constantly monitor our accuracy and performance. Turn-around time reports are provided to ensure that your requirements are being met.

Our 100% full-time employed transcriptionists are and they consistently generate transcription of the highest quality. Our error rate is well below 1%. How do we maintain such high accuracy with our medical transcription services?

Some organizations assign work to their transcriptionists based on whoever has free time, no matter the client. That means they could be transcribing cases from a surgery practice in California one day, then recording for hospitalists in Alabama the next. For you, that means transcriptionists don’t get to know your organization, your physicians or the way you do things. This lack consistency can result in less accurate transcription.

With Silent Type, your dictation is sent to one core group of transcriptionists. Those transcriptionists get to know your clinicians and the manner of their dictation, leading to greater consistency and greater accuracy.

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