iPad Dictation

Giving your physicians an iPad® dictation option should be standard procedure. With Silent Type, it is.

  • Silent Type allows your physicians to dictate when, how and where they want
  • Physicians can use their iPad® dictation app to record and submit their dictation
  • Using Silent Type’s iPad® dictation app saves physicians time and hassle

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With the popularity of the iPad increasing among physicians, take advantage of the benefits these devices offer to documentation dictation with Silent Type’s iPad® dictation app.

Why do physicians dictate poorly? They often move from patient-to-patient or hospital-to-hospital so quickly that they don’t have time to sit down and dictate. When dictation is rushed or incomplete, documentation suffers, and charts become non-compliant. When documentation is delayed, cash flow suffers. In addition, doctors will need to provide more specific documentation once the ICD-10 conversion is complete. How will they find the time to document more completely?

Silent Type offers physicians an iPad® dictation app, which fits easily into physicians’ current workflow. With the Silent Type iPad® dictation app, doctors can dictate, save and transfer audio files from their iPad® without having to synchronize with a desktop computer or juggle multiple logins. This app can reduce the time commitment a physician needs to devote to dictation because the physician can dictate how, where or when he wants.

The iPad® dictation app from Silent Type is just one of our time-saving mobile dictation tools. Our clients can also offer their physicians iPhone®, iPod® Touch and BlackBerry® apps. These apps record, store, transfer and save dictation, all with a few swipes of the thumb. And yes, we still provide standard telephone dictation or voice recording dictation.

The Silent Type apps allow doctors to do all of the following:

  • Dictate and store case reports for all patients, regardless of where patients are being treated
  • Send dictation to Silent Type for transcription any time, using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection
  • Save patient demographics on the device
  • Use one login to dictate files to multiple facilities

Completed transcriptions can be viewed on a facility’s electronic system or by logging in to STARS® (Silent Type Automated Records System). The Silent Type iOS app is available on iTunes® for $4.99. The Silent Type BlackBerry® app will soon be available on BlackBerry’s AppWorld® for $4.99. All app versions are HIPAA compliant. You determine how long you want the cases to remain live on the device and we delete them as per your instructions.

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