Accuracy and quality most important attributes of MTSOs, survey reveals

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Accuracy and quality most important attributes of MTSOs, survey reveals

Silent Type recently surveyed HIM leaders in our service area, both from our client hospitals and from hospitals who used other transcription companies. Our goal was to see how opinions and attitudes about transcription services may be changing. The results show some interesting trends.

Our researchers asked HIM leaders what attribute they thought distinguished their medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs). Their answer, most often, was turnaround time. About one-third (36 percent) of our survey respondents said quick turnaround was their MTSO’s most distinguishing feature. The next highest attributes mentioned were accuracy (18 percent) and efficiency (14 percent). Other attributes mentioned included dependability, quality, service, accessibility and caring. No surprise there, right?

But when they were asked what attribute was most important for any MTSO to have, the most common answer—by a long shot—was accuracy of transcription. About four out of every 10 respondents said accuracy was the most important quality that an MTSO should exhibit. The next most important attribute was quality, which was mentioned by 18 percent of respondents. Accuracy could be a synonym of quality, but it could also encompass other aspects of an MTSO’s business, including customer service and technical support.

Service and efficiency were tied for third place with nine percent of respondents saying they were the most important attribute. Turnaround time—the attribute that HIM leaders pointed out was exhibited most by their MTSOs—came in dead last as the most important attribute. Interestingly, none of these answers were prompted—that is, our researchers did not give the respondent a list of attributes to rank. The answers were volunteered by the respondents.

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