New Silent Type iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps go beyond dictation

Silent Type Dictation App for iPad

New Silent Type iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps go beyond dictation

Silent Type iPhone App Main ScreenENGLEWOOD, N.J.—Silent Type, Inc., a provider of medical dictation, transcription and document management services, has released a dictation app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, offering physicians a time-saving tool for recording, storing and saving documentation.

The Silent Type app was designed to enhance physician workflow, said Marilyn Trapani, Silent Type President and CEO.

“Technology too often gets in the way of physicians and their patients. The Silent Type dictation app fits easily within their workflow, allowing doctors to dictate, save and transfer audio files directly from their device, without having to sync with a desktop machine or use multiple logins,” Trapani said.

Recent research suggests that doctors are adopting mobile devices at an increasing rate, especially devices developed by Apple, Inc. Data released in May 2011 by Manhattan Research indicates that 75 percent of doctors own an Apple mobile device. Thirty percent of physicians use Apple iPads to access electronic health records (EHRs), while 28 percent of physicians without an iPad plan to purchase one in 2011.

Silent Type iPhone App Dictation ScreenThe Silent Type app allows doctors to do all of the following on their Apple mobile devices:

  • Dictate and store notes for all patient cases, regardless of where patients are being treated.
  • Send dictation to Silent Type for transcription any time, using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Upload completed dictation via secure connection to the appropriate facility’s documentation system.
  • Save patient demographics on the device.
  • Use one login to transfer files to multiple facilities.

Completed transcriptions can be viewed on a facility’s electronic system or by logging in to STARS® (Silent Type Automated Records System). The Silent Type app is HIPAA compliant.

The app is available for purchase on iTunes for $4.99.

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