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Physicians embrace medical apps to become more efficient

These days, physicians are using mobile apps to do everything from making diagnoses to reading heart rhythms from afar. And they’re eager to use more, if it will make them more efficient.

Just last month, MedData found that 80 percent of the 375 physicians it polled use mobile apps or view professional content on mobile devices for work. The physicians’ main reasons for adoption, they reported in the survey, were improved patient care and communication, and time efficiency.

MedData’s survey also dug into what kinds of mobile apps physicians are using, and what they predict will be the most used this coming year. Among the top contenders, not surprisingly, were clinical notes.

That’s where Silent Type’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch dictation app can come in, helping busy physicians record and submit dictation when, how and where they want. With just a few swipes, this versatile app records, stores, transfers and saves dictation, integrating seamlessly into their workflow.

The app allows doctors to:

  • Dictate and store case reports for all patients, regardless of where patients are being treated
  • Send dictation to Silent Type for transcription any time, using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection
  • Save patient demographics on the device
  • Use one login to dictate files to multiple facilities

Silent Type’s latest version of this app, released this month, allows physicians to upload their patient demographics and medical record numbers. That means physicians can search for medical records using patients’ names versus finding their medical record number some other way and then having to type it into the app. A great new feature? We think so.

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